God 2.0

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God 2.0

GOD 1.0, in various iterations, was discovered, like fire; was found to be all knowing, all-powerful;  a feared but generally effective universal executive. People knew God 1.0 was watching everything they did, read every thought they thought, and would hold them accountable, because He had encoded them with Free Will,  the preordained curse of freedom.   As foreseen by God 1.0, human knowledge  began to increase exponentially, far faster than  human wisdom. Despite many cruel reverses humanity prospered, ultimately, attaining some God-like power over life on earth, and aspiring to explore (read conquer) the universe.

Among human creations were many techno-gods. At first they were relatively innocuous  like gunpowder or silk stockings; in time these gods, were increasingly more  powerful, but  were unable to limit those human appetites that can be considered evil; they were not hands-on like God 1.0. People  learned to recreate themselves,  becoming demi-gods:  like Titans, with Olympic power, appetites and failings. It seemed  a curious return to ancient Greece.

Therein lay the problem. Power derived from great knowledge ultimately became available to almost everyone on earth. Not so wisdom. And power without wisdom leads to trouble, as the Greeks understood; Titans were horny  and violent, with human tendencies like eating  children and siblings among other things.

Nuclear, biologic, chemical, genetic, sociopathologic and nanotechnologic weapons ultimately became  universal among us. Of course, floods and plagues were still provided by “Nature,” a puny earth bound puppet of God 1.0. Her impersonal assaults on people were  nasty, but infrequent and undirected.  By contrast, immense unearthly focused, calculated, devastation and cruelty were often inflicted  on humanity by  idealists, despots, nations, individuals, and by unforeseen effects of technology;  by  the Law of Unintended Consequences, LUC who may be related to  Loki.

For the vast majority of earth’s demi-gods it became acceptable or routine to act like Titans.  This devolution, or retrograde  evolution was only human of course,  foreordained.  Theft was wrong only if discovered, and some forms of theft became too common to bother with, like stealing a shopping cart; faking a work injury; bribing an elected official; lying to intimates; defrauding by corporate executives or politicking.

In time it became clear that one day  technologic advances would make   it possible for anyone to destroy everyone or everyone to destroy every thing.  Some religious and academic luminaries suggested that was desirable.  The world was clearly at risk of a collective technology-mediated suicide, or controlled  homicide, as had been long ago suggested by an scholarly terrorist called the Unabomber. Omnipotent people were  accountable solely to themselves began to fear only one another.

A worldwide panic developed; the socio-economic world body sickened. The ordinary circulation of people, goods, ideas, and commerce failed due a fearful fibrillating world heart. To resuscitate civilization required near unanimous cooperation; but  neither individuals nor nations were willing to relinquish freedom of action, while demanding that others do so. Nations acted like  people,  who acted like Titans, as did supranational organizations, and  religious seers, who in theory might have come together to set the world right . All did what they have always done. Watch our for number one.

A techno-crazed world was like an alcoholic who needed the “hair of the dog that bit him” for a hangover. The world required a  newer, better TechnoGod  on the order of God 1.0: incorruptible, all knowing, and all powerful, but with one difference. The new God must instantly judge, and punish the living, rather than merely the dead.

During the late 20th century, the earliest means that would be required  to create the new god had been pioneered. Its essence was surveillance, which gradually became more and more acceptable to people because it was almost always carried out in the name of the common good, safety,  the children.  In retrospect Universal Surveillance, or U.S., had been developing for a long time:

+ After The War to End All Wars, World War I, for the first time nations began to require entry documents of foreigners. Passports were developed. No longer could anyone travel across a border freely. The Illegal was created. In some societies it even became illegal to escape.

+  Nationalism demanded increased central power over all citizens in order to protect and preserve the fatherland, motherland,  race, church,  commerce, language, species, environment.

+With the advent of the microchip, video recording in stores, parking lots, traffic intersections, public buildings, increased exponentially.

+The accumulated information all ultimately became public property. How else to protect people from one another?

+ Average citizens videotaped and recorded eagerly to the same end, to catch the bad actors; besides, they profited greatly for making their private video records public.

+ Licensing, taxation, banking surveillance became ubiquitous. At first only animals were implanted with microchips; later every newborn, then every human would have one which was satellite conformed. How great was it to know where your spouse or child was at any moment!

+ Generations of  more and more sophisticated satellite surveillance became routine. Monitoring of all electronic communication to help protect people from terrorist acts and from one another. Ultimately each and every nation monitored communications of all types, and every person in the world was implanted with the same satellite programmable nanotechnology. Satellite reprogrammable octillions  of nanos infested the entire human race, invisibly, silently, perfectly.

As  U. S. improved, rates of crime and antisocial acts fell. Yet something was still lacking. Surveillance could not discover people’s thoughts. People’s thoughts were still hidden.   Those called Radicals claimed that only acts mattered, not thoughts. But those called Statists claimed that any demented soul who secretly sought or thought to destroy the world must not be allowed to nurture  dangerous ideas hidden away in the mind.

The Statists proved to be right. People, states, the world in general became so  fearful of occult and undocumented thinking that we hoped for the Coming. of God 2.0; we agreed that knowing what each citizen thinks was precisely that aspect of surveillance needed to save humanity from humanity.

Ultimately satellite surveillance through nanos made it possible to monitor thoughts. We all could know not only see what people do, but what they feel or think. The  last critical  development required for the birth of God 2.0 fell into place when North Korea developed the first fully functional system of satellite tele-reprogrammable actuatable nanotechnology. The new nanos, spread by contagion, infested all of humanity before the world was aware. Using information available to all through U.S., the Koreans could now reprogram and actuate their nanos in anyone on earth in order to punish unwanted behavior or thought.

At 0800 GMT on April 1, 2084 God 2.0 simply Was,  as if sprung from the mind of Zeus. Unlike Minerva,  we are told  S’He  looks like Kim IV.

It’s not as bad as you might imagine. A comprehensive Book of Commandments is downloaded to us all. We all communicate in thought in our own tongue. Whosoever breaks a commandment is instantly Corrected. Punishments for prohibited action or thinking are scaled very fairly from simple things like a headache or an episode of vomiting to severe pain or, at the extreme, recycling.  It is not known what death is or was.  But God 2.0 makes it clear that those whose net T.S. (Transgression Score) is high will pay a personal cost befor reusable  organs are distributed.

During the first two decades of the third modern millennium, 2000 to 2020, it was expected that the Worldwide Terror Wars, like many before, would be the War to End Wars; but now even the idea of war is obsolete.  God 2.0 has caused people to again evolve in a civil sense. Not only are acts of terror eliminated completely, but the planet and its people are far more civil. There is no unobserved act or thought. There is no crime, no terror, no rape, no theft, no lie, no inconsiderate behavior, neither venial nor cardinal sin, no unhealthy sport, or meal; and very little thought. We are a completely conformed world.

So I look forward to the year 2100 with much optimism, especially since Coveting in all its forms, and Fornication in all its forms, will  no longer be totally prohibited. (Commandment 72.3 e sub 5 through 12.)

In God 2.0 We Trust. S’He is perfectly understandable, humane, rational, and accessible to everyone on earth. This is a wonderful world, a Garden of Eden 2.0. Who would be so foolish as to even think otherwise?

June, 2006


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