Month: December 2012

First Frost

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Our little frizzy bitch

knows  I  hear the pitch

of her quiet AM squeaking;

knows if I try to sleep

my other owner will insist.


We step  into a quiet world

where still water sleeps

under a thin blanket of mist.

The cold bright eye of Venus

scans fleet and fading stars.


We pass frost-whited rooftops,

lawns, bare trees, persimmons

waking to orange ripeness,                          

and the neglected trashy yard  

of a failing elderly widow.


Our movement wakens lights

of two scanning cameras,

on her electrified fence;

it’s clear her troubled son

will defend his plot of pot.

A car passes. A kitchen lights up.

Brazen day begins to climb

 the back of fearful night.

Pepa sniffs up the past

From scents of urine and scat.


OK. ‘Enough’, I say:

‘Sun will chase the frost away.


Be done with stinky thrills.

They will   last until

We come again this way.’


She body-shakes professionally,

head to tail- or the other way-

gives up the pungent walk,

and  bounds back eagerly,

sure to catch that squirrel today.