When the Bough Breaks

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Burned out houses, bombed out cities,

poisoned children in a line,

God is angry, He has said

“Vengeance shall be Mine”.


A hundred thousand random dead?

Two million random refugees you say?

A paltry tax for them to pay

to no more fear both night and day.


With warnings and prohibitions,

God’s commandments I made clear,

yet no one seemed to listen,

they scarcely seemed to hear.


He’s all-loving, all-forgiving,

ever old and ever new,

but lest you burn forever,

do as We say, not as I do.


We will kill with fire and brimstone,

who’er you are, what’er you do,

so all of you will fear Us

Whether Arab, Copt, or Jew.


He’s the one and only God,

Syria His Almighty State,

I His presidential messenger;

don’t rock this cradle of hate,


Ere I poison, maim, or kill

my subjects, old and new,

’til all shall learn to fear

both what We say and what I do.


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