Four AM

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When your senses sleep
But your mind strays
And brings back roses
From long dead gardens
Of time gone by
And it’s 4:05;

When quintessential words
Of a failing love poem
Or a festering essay
Step out of the dark
of your night-numb mind
And it’s 4:29;

When buried demons
Of unspoken remorse,
Malignant wrongs,
Or thoughtless cruelty
Walk your black night
And it’s 4:35;

When you’ve been told
That sticks and stones
Can break your bones
While words are just words
But you find that’s a lie
And it’s 4:45;

When the stale air’s dead
You’re fighting the bed
and lost every round,
a train whistle signals
Your’e all out of time
And it’s 4:49;

Then turn on a light
In the underworld of night
To write down the words
From that wordless deep
Of your mindless mind,
and go back to sleep.


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