Marta’s Child

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Yes, you are one of those

Who always work and dwell

Where no one ever knows

Of what you do so well


With dirty rooms and sheets

Or growing fruits and seeds

Or many kinds of meats

Or clearing yards of weeds,


Or raising someone’s child

Or renting flesh to one

Who likes to be defiled

And laughs when it is done.


Your little life is spent

In thankless silent toil

‘Til you at last relent

And fertilize our soil.


¡Sí! Wherever you are from

Or what your sex or race

With documents or none

None here can take your place.


You will change our choice

Of food and art and song

And color with your voice

Our universal tongue.


Then none can ever say

If you are tú or me;

Or put another way,

If yo y tú are We.







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