An Open Letter to Bernie Sanders

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 Never Shut Up… Primum Non Tacere!

I write to express my heartfelt admiration and gratitude to you for speaking up; and for not shutting up! For saying and continuing to insist that our democracy is at best incoherent, powerless, uninspiring, irrational and failing; and at worst, totally corrupted, and enslaved by the chains of money, and unconscionable, insatiable greed and dishonesty.

It may be that you will not move the Democrats to remember the ethical and practical heritage of FDR and the haberdasher Harry Truman. Though you and the Hair are, at least in some ways, saying the same thing, it may also be that no one will move the Republicans to remember the words and ethic of Lincoln or Eisenhower.

Yet Money must not be awarded the rights of a citizen, be permitted to vote or be considered speech!  In any event,  Bernie, never shut up! Nor should those millions who hear and understand you. I myself can vote for  neither Hair nor Hustler; I suppose I’ll opt for the libertarian, Johnson, if only to say this: 2016 is the Start, not the Finish.

So, Never Shut Up, Bernie, Primum Non Tacere!


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