The Greatest

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Build the world’s greatest weapons;

contract for the world’s greatest debt,

in the world’s greatest paper;

In notes to pay the bearer

with printed paper promises,

That are constantly devaluating.

Create the world’s richest State

with the world’s richest people

and the worl’d greatest prisons;

Righteously and humanely

house and feed and ‘correct’

abusers of drugs or self or others.

Who squats to shit in doorways,

fetid parks and underpasses.

Where stolen grocery cart’s are piled

with blankets, grub and clothing?

Who lives in the charitable misery

of all caring Government agencies?

Who are multimillionaire public servants

exempt from personal sacrifice,

and laws only others must obey?

The Greatest! They have places to go

and things to do, and walk by,

blind to Who, What,Where, or Why.

Who deals and traffics in addiction?

Who self medicates with drugs and alcohol?

Who prefers dependence to liberty,

and withdrawal to engagement?

We know. But we too pass by

not asking, What, When, Where or Why.

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