H deus, and Walking White Male

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The diffusion of knowledge–and therefore power– like that which followed the invention of cheap paper and printing– is being affected by an explosive development of technology accessible to multiple and diverse peoples- That development inevitably and irreversibly alters lives, perceived reality, and history.

All my life I have Walked White. All my life I have enjoyed and exercised a Right to walk alone almost anywhere, only trying to avoid walking stupid.  Walking with purpose: erect, alert; with vigor, as if I know where and who I am, and where I’m going. That has never failed me.

Perhaps I have misunderstood the nature my own fortunate circumstances. The world -wide changes taking place may be partly a result of ubiquitous video and audio recording — everywhere in the world– rather than being limited to those with power, like the traditional media, or traditional powerful leaders. The result? There are no secrets. Everyone is a reporter, who can reach an audience of hundreds of millions. Only one tiny result is that I can no longer take pride of ownership in my ‘right’, my ability, to walk freely almost anywhere. I now know my personal white-walking liberty is largely a result of wearing an abuse proof flack jacket;maybe it’s invisible to me, but not to those who don’t have one.

Worse, perhaps, privilege can lead to abuse. But now there is no place to hide, whether one is rich, powerful, or greatly admired. The #Me too movement often exposes powerful but abusive men. A greatly admired actor who perpetuates a fraudulent episode for his own gain, is exposed. A politician who invents a false heritage in order to win an election is ‘outed’.

Similar things happen every day because there simply is no place to hide. On the one hand that exposes frauds, but on the other hand that exposes us all to surveillance by all. The right to privacy has ended, not by law or by choice but by the god Technos who has decreed that there is no such Right, no matter what is written. It’s over.

Even if we could reverse the latest assault by technology– we can’t– Would that be a good thing? The new god is Technos. in the guise of Homo deus. When God The Father was alive, He was all seeing and all knowing, and in the end, Judge. Homo deus takes the form of all the peoples of the world,perhaps of all time.

If so, What is New or Terrible about that? Maybe only that there is no God to ignore or to reject or to blame or to pray to. Homo deus surely knows if the camera cooperates, that I didn’t tell the cashier today that she didn’t charge me for the avocados! But, I hope, like the millionth blackbird in a swarm or the millionth sardine, H deus has better things to do than to catch me in the act.

Homo deus, instead of taking the form of a single being, takes the form of all H sapiens. H deus is all seeing and all knowing. Just like Daddy God. So here am I, only a single specimen of H sapiens if indeed sapiens still applies. (Our kind has been so minimized by Techos and his ilk that H minimus seems more appropriate, even if we may believe we are collectively, H deus.)

Who am I to speak about a matter I have been ignorant of so much of my life? I am a person, with a voice.

  • I hope we– H deus– one and all– will focus on the wider generic problems rather than any single outrageous incident, because our problems are more significant than any single case, no matter how egregious it may be.
  • I hope we continue to express outrage when that is needed, until it is irrevocably clear that we will not shut up or go quietly.
  • As to Walking White Males, I am sure we will see and accept that everyone has a right to Walk Free

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