Hispanic = American

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Hispanic is a term often used to designate race. But it is a race that does not exist except in political terms where it refers to people who speak, or whose forebears once spoke, Spanish or an indigenous language; whose name may sound like it is of Spanish or indegenous origin; who may – or may not– speak Spanish, or be brown skinned.

Hispanic is best understood as an equivalent of ‘American’, except that there is no modern nation of Hispania.* Neither Hispanic or American name any particular race.

There is no Hispanic race and there is no American race. Both refer to diverse but culturally inter-connected peoples. Regrettably, in the USA Hispanic has sometimes been used prejudicially, though that concept is now outmoded. Most everywhere, to be bilingual in English and Spanish is becoming a distinct asset.

There is no rational reason, therefore, to use Hispanic as a meaningful term now, because the entire Western Hemisphere is essentially American, and is also Hispanic, one people, scattered over many nations, sharing the same indigenous, Polynesian, Asian, European, and African heritage, and generally, the same values.

We share the same three modern languages: English, Spanish, and Portuguese. All three are linguistic cousins, so that one is an introduction to the rest, and even to other Indo European languages .**

Be ‘Woke’ to being American in the real world. Be Woke to America in its true physical, hemisperical, and inclusive sense.

*The term Hispanic includes people of Spain ( Hispania); Once, like England, France, and Portugal, Spain was a great colonial power; the Spanish ruled most of the New World– the Americas, first from Lima, Peru, and later from Mexico. Now the three colonial languages, English, Spanish, and Portuguese/Brazilian, are the modern languages of America.

** English and Spanish are beautiful bastard languages inseminated and enriched by centuries of invasions. (See The Mother Tongue, by Lancelot Hogben; he’s British, with that name, with French and English roots, what else!: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Lancelot_Hogben Hogben suggests that the English, were ruled by invaders for so many centuries at a time, that English became a universal key to all IndoEuropean languages. Likewise, Spanish was enriched by many invasive languages, including Arabic, and therefore is also key to Indo-Eropean languages. In fact, today the combination of English, Spanish and Portuguese permit easy communication with most of the Western World; 1.750 Million of the world’s people speak one these three languages. (Mandarin claims 1.2 billion speakers. ) https://www.listsworld.com/top-10-languages-most-spoken-worldwide/

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