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The object of a psychoactive drug is the brain, and Vaping provides brain access very efficiently, and effectively. Even intravenous injection is delayed by dilution in liters of blood and by dispersion throughout the body, before any reaches the brain. The oral/ gastrointestinal route is even less efficient, taking a drug through the gut and liver even before reaching the bloostream.

Incredibly, in the USA, where we rant and cant about the safety and sanctity of children, we appear to stand aside while our youth are harvested for profit. I, like many citizens, am not opposed to profit, and am wary of government over reach. And yet, it seems insane for legislators to oversee remarketing of nicotine, and the new marketing of Vaping to children!

  1. Every TV media mention of Vaping, features glorious images of young people blissfully blowing beautiful billows of vape vapor.
  2. An on line search for “Where to Buy JUUL Near You” features two AMPMs within 1.7 miles of my home, and a TonicVape and Smoke Store at 2.5 miles.
  3. A simple search turns up this:

Local Results

4) A JUUL support page offers these flavors NOTE: ALL feature tobacco.

  • Virginia Tobacco (5% and 3% nicotine strength)
  • Mint (5% and 3% nicotine strength)
  • Mango (5% and 3% nicotine strength)
  • Creme (5% and 3% nicotine strength)
  • Fruit (5% and 3% nicotine strength)
  • Cucumber (5% and 3% nicotine strength)
  • Menthol (5% nicotine strength)
  • Classic Tobacco (5% nicotine strength)

How long does a JUULpod last?

“One JUULpod is intended to last about 200 puffs”

Can I open or refill my JUULpod?

To help ensure product quality, JUULpods are not designed for refills or re-use and should not be opened. ( Yeah, Right!

4) A simple search reveals an astounding array of Vape products like: Portable devices generally around $4 and less in bulk; nicotine laced refill and replacement options (Amazon, SMOtech, Eliquids, SaltNic etc.)

Many products seem useful for adulteration of vaping devices with Cannabis and other drugs.

Vaping Associated Lung Disease: VALD… There have been serious cases of pneumonic inflammation associated with vaping with six recent deaths.* The American Vaping Association is apparently not alarmed, and claims that vaping can help people quit smoking.

Maybe so. But the consequences of vaping long term are unknown. How can it be that goverment is not interested or very active in Vape grooming of children? Or VALD? Maybe that is understandable, considering how busy legislators are in between vacations. Yet it seems to me that physicians and Medical Societies concerned with the health of people, and considering that children are, or may become people, should make physicians more active in regard to vaping! To not do so is to be as vapid and shameful as government or commerce.


This item added Dec 12, 2019:

Death Toll From Vaping-Related Respiratory Illness Rises To 48, CDC Says

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Reuters  (12/5, Maddipatla, Joseph) reports the CDC reported another death from vaping-related respiratory illnesses bringing the total to 48. The agency says there have been 2,291 cases requiring hospitalization across the US as of Dec. 4.

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