Blog Author’s History

John C. Loofbourow, M.D.

 BA, BS,  MD. Univ Minnesota 1955; PG 1 Tropical Medicine and Internship, Gorgas Hospital, Ancon Canal Zone; PG2 General Surgery C T Miller Hospital, St Paul Minnesota;  MA Spanish Literature, Calif State University at Sacramento, 1980

1957-59 Active Duty, Aviation Medicine, USNR US USS Orca AVP 49, Seaplane Tender, Western Pacific Fleet.

1959-68 General Practice Woodland, California

1968-78 Private Practice of Community and Social Medicine, Northern California:

                 Founder, Yolo County Migrant Health Projects

                Physician,  Occupational Medicine Program, U C Davis Campus, Davis, CA

                 Medical Director, Regional Rural Health, Yolo, Solano, & Sac Co.

                 Founder, Medical Director, Salud Clinic, Broderick CA

                 Founder, Salud Community Health Worker Training Project

                 Consultant Peace Corps Nepal Training project, U C Davis

                Lecturer Family Practice, Rural Family Nurse Practitioner     program,

                Lecturer, Environmental Toxicology, and Veterinary Medicine, U C Davis

              Consultant to: Migrant Education region II, Yolo County

             Consultant, Family  Planning Yolo County

            Consultant, Placer  County Community Action Council

1978-2000 Emergency Medicine 1980 – 2000 Permanente Med Group Sacramento, CA.

2002- 2012 Editor, Sierra Sacramento Valley Medicine

2006- 2016 IMQ Reviewer, CMA  (Jail Medical Care) 

2011- 2014 Investigator, Northern California Research

2000-present: Clinical Faculty Family Practice U C Davis School of Medicine,      Editorial Committee, Sierra Sacramento Valley Medicine

Honors:  Husband, father, grandfather and great grandfather.

Medical Honor Award 2011 Sierra Sacramento Valley Medical Society

             Preceptor of the year, Tepati Student Clinic 2012

Past President, Officer, Yolo County Medical Society, Past Delegate CMA.

Clinical Faculty UCDavis School of Medicine in Family Practice 1972-present.  Preceptor, Clinica Tepati, UCDavis Med  Student Clinic           

Sierra Sacramento Valley Medical Society Medical Honor Award 2012

Preceptor of the Year Award, Clinica Tepati, UCDavis Med student Clinic

Editorial Committee Sierra Sacramento Valley Medicine 1995-present

 Publications: Various papers dealing chiefly with Rabies pre-expoure  immunization,    Development and dose determination for Human Rabies Immune Globulin, Clinical trials Human Diploid tissue cultured Rabies vaccine, Coccidioidomycosis, and other communicable diseases, Essays and  Editorials, Sierra Sacramento Valley Medicine.

Community Health Worker Training Manual 1973 ( Salud Clinic)

The Melba Notebooks, 2012 (CreateSpace–Amazon, Kindle)

Twenty Poems and Two Lies 2015 (Createspace)

Blogs: English:    



Board Certification:  Emergency Medicine since 1986 

                                        Family Medicine since 1976     

                                        California  Medical License  CFE20268


2 thoughts on “Blog Author’s History

    Boyd Stockdale said:
    August 11, 2017 at 08:41

    Hello John,
    It has been a very long time since we connected in Broderick. I was the pastor of Trinity Presbyterian Church in West Sacramento. We bought the old house and renovated it as the starting point for Salud. This would have all been for naught without you. You built the clinic and managed and ran the clinic and established that clinic. Twenty years ago, we moved to Seattle, but have now returned to live in Davis. We saw John Siden the other day and he forwarded blog to me. This is a very good history and I thank you for it.

    Rev. Boyd Stockale

      lufboro responded:
      June 15, 2018 at 14:59

      I apologize Boyd, for overlooking your note. It’s now almost a year! That reveals how often i look here. Thanks for your comments. Without your help the clinic would never have been finished. Yours was a constant quiet voice and effort. The clinic served well for a few years but i could not support it myself and had to obtained some grants. The one i liked most was from the American Ca society, to train Community Health Workers. The last one was from the Revenue Sharing program, and required the approval of the County Board. They approved only if i would turn it over to them, and i was so frazzeled i didn’t fight them… I failed to engage or enrage the community, a terrible mistake, for if i had the board would have caved… Salud by then had become a very costly effort in my little life; I threw so much of my self, money and time into it that my marriage suffered, and therefore so did I and my children. But the years have been forgiving and kind otherwise. I remarried and we have two children… I have two more… all grown now; I retired in 2000 and find these year most enjoyable. I volunteer, read, and write, sometimes travel. And sometimes as now, I hear a voice from the past; had lunch with John Siden and David Katz not long ago. Thank you Boyd, for your kind remarks!

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