civil war

Rocking the Cradle of Hate

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A few hundred thousand random dead?

A few million random refugees you say?,

A paltry presidential  price  to pay,

for one who fears the dawn each day.


 With commands and prohibitions,

God’s decisions We made clear,

yet no one seemed to care,

and scarcely seemed to hear.


God kills with fire and brimstone,

who’er you are, what’er you do,

all of you must fear Us

Arab, Coptic, Shia, and Jew.


Burned out houses, bombed out cities,

Poisoned children in a line,

God is angry, He has said

Vengeance will be Mine”.


He’s all-loving, all-forgiving,

ever old and ever new,

but lest you want to burn forever,

do as We say, not as We  do.


He’s the one and only God,

We the God Almighty State,

His anointed messenger ,

owner of all reason and all fate.


So We will shower blind destruction

on Arab, Copt, Shia and Jew, 

and all will learn to fear

what We say and what We do.