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Give Her Back

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Give some ashes back to the shore

Of the oceans she loved so;

back to the sands she walked before

And to the tides that ebb and flow.


Give some back to the little towns

Where she was born and nourished

And those cities of renown

Where she grew up and flourished.


Give back some to the vaulting team

Who won a national championship;

Give some to mountain lake and stream

And days and nights of camping trips.


Give some back to that long gone time

Of promise and hope for love,

When it was sure that she would climb

More high and far than stars above.


But give nothing to her demons,

prescriptions, drugs, or faulty brain,

Or the living nightmare dreaming,

That filled her life with fear and pain.


None of us could correct her course

Marked by conflict, abuse and strife;

She left us sadness, not remorse,

Despite the cruel way she left life.


So Give back. Give her back again

To her best self, the girl she was

To the woman’s soul deep within

And give to her remembered love.