real vs unreal

I, Firefly

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The rain and cruel night wind have stilled

And sleep on dreary darkling clouds.

Weeping leaves shed heavy tears,

That strike the pond’s still black water

Like clock ticks of drunken Time,

And floating withered autumn leaves

Scurry from the watery craters.


There beyond in wet woodlands

Sodden birds tremble in the night

And unseen voles flee starving shrews

‘Til frighted darkness flees the light.

The chorus of the night sounds clear

Yet each voice sings a solo song

in a different tongue but all proclaim


That to listen is not to hear;

And what’s unseen is not unreal;

In a bright flashlight beam,

As thick drops strike black still water

They  fire off a flash to declare

With prideful human vanity

“My reflected light’s eternal.”